Designer • Artist • Illustrator



I live in McMinnville, Oregon.


2002 - Received BA in Fine Art (Drawing and Printmaking)

from University of California Santa Cruz


2009 - Graphic Design Studies at Pacific NW College of Art.


2012 - Established Stary Graphic Arts. 




I integrate a combination of artistic and practical design methods in generating work that pleases the eye and activates the mind. Careful consideration is given to elements such as contrast, positive/negative space, color combination, symmetry, balance, and stylization.


Either on my own or with a client's insight, I gather and assemble the raw data that underlies a design's symbolic nature. I ensure that each design I produce carries the intended message in both text and image. 




I structure my visual art as a highly subjective medium, wherein the viewer is encouraged to experience their own interpretation of the image. I approach generating an image as a form of divination, where I allow impulse and chance to decide the progression of the piece.


I strive to create for the viewer an opportunity to explore the nature of their own mind through contemplating their interpretation of the image. it is my hope that this experience is an insightful and rewarding one, and that it aids in the quest to better understand the nature of one's own mind.



Roost Winery - Vancouver Island, Canada

Flag & Wire Coffee Co - McMinnville, OR

Andrew Paul Photography - McMinnville, OR

Bryn Mawr Vineyards - Salem, OR

Eola Yoga - Salem, OR

Firehouse Pool Service - Phoenix, AZ

Imbue Vermouth - Portland, OR

J Schroeder Construction - Benecia, CA

Just Dust Publishing - McMinnville, OR

LifeSource Natural Foods - Salem, OR

Linde Vineyard Supply - Rickreall, OR

Nasty Woman Wines - McMinnville, OR

Project M Wines - McMinnville, OR

Oregon Tank Insulation - McMinnville, OR

Patton Valley Vineyards - Gaston, OR

Panacea Wine Consulting - Stuart, VA

Rabbit Construction - Santa Cruz, CA

R.Rose Wine Consulting - McMinnville, OR

Tributary Cellars, Portland, OR

Wandering Aengus Ciderworks - Salem, OR





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